Flag Football


Practices Begin: November 14, 2022

Games Begin: December 3, 2022

Playoffs End: February 25, 2023

There will be no games over the holidays.


$125 (not including uniforms)


Division and birth year

U6    2017
U7    2016
U8    2015
U10   2013-2014
U12   2011-2012
U14   2009-2010
U16   2007-2008


Eagle Harbor Soccer Complex and Ringhaver Park



  • The United Sports Alliance Flag Football League consists of coed teams from U6 to U16 age groups.
  • There is one (1) practice per week and it’s held on a weeknight at 5 pm or 6 pm.
  • Games will primarily be played under the lights on Saturday nights.
  • Games are 48 minutes long
  • Volunteer coaches provide a fun atmosphere in which players can learn the game.
  • There is no skill level requirement for this league.

      Required Uniform

      Players are required to purchase a uniform kit, which includes two jerseys, shorts, and an NFL flag belt. The cost is $50, not including tax and shipping.

      Flag Football Uniform Kit


      • All players are required to wear a mouth guard.
      • Football or soccer cleats are suggested, but not required. 
      • Cleats must not have metal studs or spikes.


      Need assistance with registration?
      The office is open Monday thru Friday from 1:00-7:00 pm.
      Stop by – we would love to help!

      *Birth Certificates are required to be submitted to Club Registrar.


      Eagle Harbor Soccer Complex
      4387 Lakeshore Drive
      Fleming Island, FL 32003


      Office Phone   (904) 278-1182

      Email: info@usportsalliance.org

      All Ages & Skill Levels

      Plain and simple, flag football is loads of fun. With fewer players on the field, there’s more engagement and a faster speed of play. Youth football teaches kids accountability, leadership, and the impact of positive sportsmanship. Every position has a purpose and to execute a play successfully, each individual needs to fulfill their responsibility while working together—a skill that’s valuable both on and off the field.


      No Contact

      Flag football is a non-contact sport, meaning there’s no tackling, diving, blocking, screening or fumbles allowed.



      Flag football is an incredibly inclusive sport and opens the doors to many players, including female athletes.


      Easy Commitment

      Practices are held once a week and games are generally played on Saturday nights UNDER THE LIGHTS! There is no travel required.

      The Game of Flag Football

      1. Games are 48 minutes long
      2. At the start of each game, captains from both teams meet at midfield for the coin toss to determine who starts with the ball. The visiting team calls the toss.
      3. The winner of the coin toss has the choice of offense or defense. The loser of the coin toss has the choice of direction. Possession changes to start the second half to the team that started the game on defense.
      4. The offensive team takes possession of the ball at its 5-yard line and has four (4) plays to cross midfield. Once a team crosses midfield, it has three (3) plays to score a touchdown.
      5. If the offense fails to score, after crossing midfield, the ball changes possession and the new offensive team starts its drive on its own 5-yard line.
      6. If the offensive team fails to cross midfield, on 3 downs, and elect to “punt” on 4th down, possession of the ball changes and the opposition starts its drive from its own 5-yard line. If the offensive team goes for it on 4th down and does not cross field, the opposing team will start its possession from the spot.
      7. Players may run back interceptions.
      8. Teams change sides after the first half.Possession changes to the team that started the game on defense.

      Flag Football News

      Registration Deadlines

      Registration Deadlines

      Please register your players by July 1, 2021, to be able to request your desired practice day and/or coach. Team placement and uniform number...

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      Required Uniform

      Required Uniform

      Flag Football players are required to purchase a specified uniform kit, $50, not including tax and shipping. Uniform kit includes Shirt, Shorts and...

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